Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RDA, 2015 priority

Compliments of the New Year followers of this blog. I hope you enjoyed every moment of the long break, meeting old friends, relatives and spending some time with family.

I hope 2015 is going to bring in new exciting moments for your careers and professions. I am certain that it’s going to be a better year for the library profession as last year the release of Resource Description and Access (RDA) meant a lot of changes to many libraries, museums and archives in material description.

So, I stumbled into this exciting offer from Cataloging & Classification Quarterly of free access to ten articles covering the topics of RDA and ISBD. Do not miss this window of opportunity, if you are keen on implementing RDA. 

Last year, I was privileged to attend a presentation on RDA presented for Zimbabwe University Libraries Consortium (ZULC) Bibliographic members. I found the articles from the journal very insightful and providing valuable experience other institutions are going through in implementing RDA. 

Check out this link from the Cataloguing & Classification Quarterly if you need to read the 10 articles on RDA and ISBD until April 2015.

I wish you a happy migration to RDA in 2015.